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Online FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Banking


Q: How do I apply for Online Banking?

A: Click on the “Enroll” button.

Q: What is my Access ID?

A: To sign up, click on the words “Enroll.”

Q: I have signed up for online banking, but my account has been disabled.  Reason-“Letter Mailed.”

A: This is a Citizens Bank of Weston security feature.  When activating accounts through online banking, the procedure requires overnight processing.  The overnight processing will then generate a letter, which will be mailed to the address on file.  This letter will ask you to call the bank for verification.

Q: The account has been “Disabled – too many tries in a 24-hour period”?

A: You are allowed three tries to access your account.  The password can be reset by clicking on the words “Forgot Your Password.”  This will generate the security question you chose when enrolling for online banking.  At this point 2 e-mails will be sent to you from Funds Express.  The second e-mail contains a confirmation number that must be entered.  At that time the password will be reset.