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Scholarship Information


  1. To be eligible to be considered for the $4000 T. A. Whelan Memorial Scholarship      (continuing scholarship) or for the $1000 Citizens Bank of Weston Award for Academic Excellence, applicants must complete the application provided by The Citizens Bank of Weston.  Any questions should be directed to Tracey Queen-Young, Vice President.  Please submit the application and personal statement between February 1st and April 1st.
  2. The applicant must begin studies toward a college degree in the year of graduation from Lewis County High School.
  3. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required.  An official transcript of grades, containing at least seven semesters, must accompany the application.  The transcript should be requested from the guidance counselor at Lewis County High School.  A copy of the applicant’s SAT or ACT scores must also accompany  the application.
  4. The applicant shall prepare and include with the application a personal statement of no less than 100 words, setting forth the applicant’s vocational or professional goals and relating how the applicant’s  past, present and future activities make the accomplishment of those goals probable.  The statement may also illustrate the applicant’s need for financial assistance.
  5. The applicant must secure two personal recommendations on the forms provided with the application.  No more that one recommendation may be from a member of Lewis County High School faculty or administration.  Recommendations should be from non-relatives in the community.
  6. If the Scholarship Committee elects to interview applicants in person, applicants may wish to be accompanied to the interview by a member of the faculty or administration of Lewis County High School.
  7. The Citizens Bank is interested in the progress of T. A. Whelan Memorial Scholarship recipients.  Although not a requirement for acceptance of the scholarship, recipients of the T. A. Whelan Memorial Scholarship are asked to report at least once on progress toward obtaining a degree.
  8. In order to be eligible for the continuing scholarship, recipients must report college grades each semester.  (Maximum scholarship is $1000 per year for four years).  A minimum grade point average of 2.3 for full time (or 12 semester hours minimum) students is necessary to qualify for continuing scholarships.


Scholarship Application

Scholarship Recommendation #1

Scholarship Recommendation #2