Citizens Bank of Weston

Bank History

Same Bank . . . Same Name . . . Since 1891!

The Citizens Bank of Weston has been serving the people of Lewis and surrounding counties for 120 years. In 1891 the bank received its charter. The doors were opened for business in February of 1892. On October 1, 1894, the bank employed Thomas A. Whelan who was to become a banking legend in Lewis County. After nine years of service Mr. Whelan was elected Cashier upon the death of Mr. Bailey. At twenty-seven years of age, he was the youngest man in the State of West Virginia to have attained such a highly respected post within the banking community.

In 1927 Mr. Whelan arranged the purchase of the Bailey House property; and in May of 1930, the bank moved from its old location on the corner of Bank Street and Main Avenue (the old location of Frank’s Bakery), to the present facility. It required three years to plan and complete the building. Before the year ended, Citizens Bank was closed during the so-called “Banking Holiday,” reopening almost three years to the day in 1934. Due to T. A. Whelan’s work and concern for his fellowman, not a penny was lost by the depositors. An article published in the daily newspaper, American Banker, dated August 24, 1961, gives a summary of the amazing financial strength of the bank under the guidance of T. A. Whelan. It reported that the Citizens Bank was in the unique position of having the highest capital account ratio in the United States.

Mr. T. A. Whelan, after 72 years of service to the Citizens Bank of Weston and the people of Lewis County, died on April 27, 1966, leaving a legacy of a very solid foundation for this institution’s future growth. Shortly thereafter the bank applied for and received membership in the FDIC being one of the last banks in the Fifth Federal Reserve District to become a member.

During the Seventies the bank expanded to meet the growing financial needs of Lewis County. The Citizens Bank became a major source of financing for virtually all commercial and governmental enterprises of importance to the whole community, servicing such diverse projects as the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, the Weston Sanitary Board, Alkahn Labels, Inc., Lewis County Recreational Park, Louie Glass Company, Lewis County Industrial Park, Pittsburgh Tube Company and Garton Plaza.

In 1988, the Citizens Bank of Weston expanded its services to Lewis County with the opening of a branch bank located in Jane Lew. This branch has all of the services of the Main Bank with longer hours Monday through Saturday.

In honor of Mr. Thomas A. Whelan, the Bank awards the T. A. Whelan Memorial Scholarship (a continuing scholarship of $1,000 a year for 4 years) as well as the Citizens Bank of Weston Award for Academic Excellence, (a one-time scholarship of $1,000 annually) to only Lewis County Seniors meeting the eligibility qualifications.

We are proud of our beautiful buildings and our staff, which has served the people of Lewis County for over 114 years. It is our sincere hope that you will stop by our bank and experience for yourselves the beauty of the facilities and the courteous, friendly service of our staff. We, at Citizens Bank of Weston are committed to remaining your only hometown independent bank.

You’ve seen us on the street, in the stores, in church and doing our work for the Citizens Bank. We’re your neighbors and your friends. We’re interested in the same things you are – family, jobs, schools. The Citizens Bank of Weston and Jane Lew Branch have had the interests and concerns of the people of Lewis County foremost in their banking decisions for over 100 years; we will continue to do so for the next 100 years.